Know your Android phone

Song Search by Humming– Sound Hound

You dont exactly remember the lyrics of the song but you remember the music. Now, you want to find the song. Check out this cool song search app “Sound Hound” on android market.  

Search any song just by humming the tune or playing the music from TV or sing it. Any way you play it, and it will find the song for you.  You can also buy,share this song, look up lyrics, search you tube for this song. All options are available within the app.



Make your own Ring tones on Android – a quick way

Hi friends,

just Listen a latest song and want to make it your ringtone.  Download Ringtone maker Pro from the android market.

It allows to you to make ringtone by cutting part of a song.

After installing the software, add a song from which you want to make a custom ringtone.  Then click on the start button twice. It will show 2 sliders on the screen for start and stop.  Place the up slider  at the starting position of the ring tone and place the bottom slider at the ending position of the ring tone.  Now, press the save button and you are done with your latest custom ringtone.

New android market 3.3.1

Download new android market version from the following link:

Android market 3.3.1

Click 360 Panorama photos

Check out a new app “360″ from teliportme in android market. It lets you click the 360 degree view of your surroundings in a single image. You can share these photos on Facebook/twitter.

Basically, the app clicks many photos of your surrounding and it stitches all the photos into a single view.

Very good application for clicking panorama photos. Just check out a panorama photo I have clicked using 360 app on the following link:

My office Photo

Siri for iphone, Iris for android

Check out new Iris from dexetra. Its spelled as reverse of siri. Still in alpha version, you can get it from android market.

Gesture search

It usually becomes problem to find & run application from your android phone, when you have lot of installed applications.
A useful app from google called ‘Gesture Search‘ is very handy in this case.

Install this app from market and place the widget on home screen. Launch the app and select settings, uncheck contact s.

Now draw first letter of the application you want to search for. It will list all applications starting with that letter. In the screen shot attached I have searched for facebook.
I find this app really very handy.
Please note to uncheck contacts and music from your search results. Otherwise it will list many results.


Speaktoit-Voice app for android

Heard about Siri for iPhone and want it on android. Well, a good alternative is available for android.

Download Speaktoit from android market, it is a good voice application.

Download & save you tube videos directly from android

Now, you can download videos from android phone and can them in flv or in mp3 format.

This can be done using Tubemate application.
Note that this app is not available in android market.

Download it from the following link:

After installing the app, search for any video. When you click on the play button to play the video, it will ask whether to play the video or download it. You can select the download option and save it on your phone either in flv or mp3 format.

Printing from android

Cloud Print is an android application which uses Google cloud print service to print documents from remote. (PC or android).

For printing documents from your android phone, you need to do the following steps (one time activity):

1.)  Share your local printer (attached to your PC)

2.) Latest Google chrome browser

3.) Configure chrome browser with your GMAIL account

4.) Download “Cloud Print” App from market

5.) Printing from android phone

1.) Share your local printer

For this you need to make sure that your printer is installed & working with your computer.

Then,  go to Control Panel–>Printers & Faxes–> Xerox Phaser 3117 (my installed printer).  Right click on it and select properties . Select the “sharing ” tab and enable sharing for your printer.

2.) Latest Google chrome browser 

Open Google chrome and then check if it has Google cloud print option. If not, Install the latest Google chrome browser. For checking click on settings icon on Google chrome , then select Options–> Under the hood. At the bottom of the page you will find Cloud print option.

3.)Configure chrome browser with your GMAIL account
Enable “Google Cloud Print” option by Filling your GMAIL account details and then finish registration. You will find that it will list all your printers installed on your computer.

4.) Download “Cloud Print” App from market

After installing cloud printer from android market, it will ask to use your GMAIL account. Make sure that it is the same account you used on your chrome to configure Google cloud print.

When you open cloud print app, go for printing a test page. It will show list of installed printers on Google cloud print. Give command for printing a test page, and the print will come out from the printer.

You can print any document from any application. When you open up some other app and you want to print the document from it, just select the share option, and you will see “Cloud Print” is integrated there. Just select this option and print wireless. Check out some screen shots, I have attached here:

Note: For printing from mobile, your computer must be on and should be connected to printer and internet. Google Chrome browser need not to be open(but cloud printing option should be enabled in it).

CamScanner – a great android Scanner

If you want to scan your documents and you want to buy a new scanner, then you can probably do not need to buy one. If you have an android phone, just download ‘CamScanner’ app from android market.

With this app you can scan your documents, convert them to pdf and can share them with anybody using email,bluetooth etc.

With this app, you can also resize or crop your scanned document and save it as jpeg or pdf.

Below is the sample page which I captured from my android phone using can scanner-